World is becoming ‘Right’, again?

World is becoming ‘Right’, again?

Recently if anyone has been paying a little attention to the world politics, they are sure to come across the word ‘Right’ wing, most of the countries who are democratic and under going an election is going through some major changes. Ever wondered, Why? Because what we have been taught and generally told about the world is the rise of technology and globalization, then limiting the countries’ resources, banning people of few countries, lowering of immigration these all policies are against the fundamental idea of Globalization, isn’t it?

The problem is not with the movement of people or jobs from one place to another (Outsourcing), the problem is not with the inhibiting of growth with the rise of immigrants in any given country. The problem lies in the policies as well as the basic structure of Capitalism, Capitalism has fed us for long and will continue to do so, but this inclination towards the ‘Right wing ideologies’ – could it be the indicator that we have reached to the ‘tipping point’ of our Democratic prowess, I think – we might. How – The current generation is the most dynamic generation of all times in the history of mankind because unlike their former generations they have it all, its not changed by one or two inventions/discoveries but they have been privileged with everything right on their fingertips- and they are witnessing an extended smart version of the same with the rise of AI, Machine learning and IoT. This makes them the smartest of us all because information access had never been this easy – and this is changing the society norms drastically and radically. In the upheaval of this rise in technology, the societal norms are challenged every day, amidst all these technology and development, the only thing that was lacking is the ‘Nationalistic’ favour, make them believe what they have gone through is wrong and its because of the other parties who were in power, develop a wave of change, zippity-zappitty-Boom and the youth will follow because they can search/look up to the atrocities caused by the predecessors. Making it easier, to tap into the conscience of people who have lived in those time as well as the ones who are trying to figure out their future governments.

The biggest problem that we are to face in a decade is the structure of our tax-laws, every country has them but due to this globalization, the services of any person could be available from internet-accessible part of the world. This doesn’t mean that being a nationalistic is bad for the country or the people of the country, it is good – its not a cycle – the world is going to stay nationalist from now on because imagine a future where everything is on the internet and internet is everywhere in that day and age – every country would want to save its resources rather then wasting them. Many theorists, going by the theories of economies given by Adam Smith and his peers believe that it is just a cycle, well I do not believe so, because of one simple reason – never in the history of mankind, have we seen changes at this scale and at this speed as we would see in the coming decades. The next big anticipated change could only be ‘living in the internet’ with just our conscience and no materialistic need – but that’s far fetched and is a puzzle better left for the next to next generation to solve.

The rise of Pseudo-Intellectuals

The time reference barely changes its identity, yet we are lucky enough that in order of things in the world, we have got to witness two in such a short span of time, one was the event of 9-11 and another the birth of Internet, which made more impact is argumentative depending upon the context but that is not, what we are going to discuss here, the birth of Internet has led to many things and many more fascinating technologies in future are yet to be adored but amidst all this, when information is available on the finger-tips, the phrase ‘Information is power’ is losing its charm by the day as any person with access to Internet can ‘Google’ anything about anyone on the Internet Database, this has radically changed the world, people are not working towards gaining information anymore – the phrase ‘Information is Power’ has gone redundant but what it has given rise to is – the ‘Pseudo-Intellectuals’ – People who know a lot about everything but not to the factual points, Internet has made our lives easier but has left the working of human brain, in titter. As we can easily move on, we are not easily fascinated, we are not easily interested into anything. A rocket was sent to the space and it was bought back and it made a proper landing – it is one of the greatest technological advancement event, now people would know SpaceX did it and Elon Musk is running the company but if you ask anyone how long did it took for them to achieve this feat and where did it land, they wouldn’t be able to answer because now people just focus on the flashlights rather than researching a news, and sharing the news items that a person is interested in has become a trend as it reflects the personality of a person. The more intelligent/Science-related news a person would share, the more intelligent he’s perceived. But, only in the frugal world where it doesn’t matter but lot many us do not know this, we keep on reading the flashy headlines – ‘Flashlines’ and then just share it. The media have picked up on this trend or rather people who are running media have picked up on this, hence to create more revenue, more buzz about their network/publishing website or to attract some internet traffic they’ll go to the length to just put some flashlines out and create chatter and buzz among the public, this leads to the generation of Fake news, and this Pseudo-Intellectuals thrive on Fake news as to them, all matters is to share and to be perceived as intelligent – intellectual whereas in reality all they do is – they become carrier of this fake news and a reason of many people’s misery, amusement, etc. It is not anyone’s fault but is a matter of ignorance, we shouldn’t let this power of information go to waste, we need to ignite the intellect of mind rather than destroy the pillars of information itself.


Love; the feeling..

The madness, the passion..

Beyond the primal nature of man.

Oh! So easy to write..

Yet, So hard to achieve,

Poets have perished,

Authors have admired,

Only, lovers’ lost,

The world gained,

Either a story or a fool.